Allegation Report - Update

Resources for Communication after Allegation Report
Posted on 03/28/2018
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MARCH 28, 2018

Dear Parents of Las Brisas Academy Students, 


In the past few days, an unfortunate event happened in our community, the arrest of a teacher. As a community, this is a most disconcerting experience for us all. Some may read this letter and be upset with the situation and want to know how best to help your child understand and cope with this.  Here at campus, we have focused on providing counseling services to students and staff. We have also secured Mrs. Melinda Benson as our 6th grade teacher. She has experience working with our students here as the Teacher Mentor and is a seasoned junior high teacher. We are also currently looking for a full time school counselor to be only at our campus for the remainder of the school year. The best thing we can do is to work together toward ensuring that our kids have a safe and nurturing environment at school, at home, and in our community.


During times like these, it is important to continue to communicate with the people we care and value the most, your students and you, their trusted adults. We understand that as trusted adults, especially parents and guardians, it is difficult to discuss this kind of event with our kids. We want to protect them from the sensational and overwhelming media coverage. We might hope that they don't hear about these awful things from their friends, on Facebook, or through other social media. But because we do know that they hear about it, it is critical to address these issues directly. We currently have counseling services available on campus for student and staff. We have also included in this letter a link to a resource to help in talking with your children. Additional links are included for outside resources if you wish to seek support other than the school counseling resources. If you wish to speak to someone regarding counseling at the school, please call the school’s main number, (623) 327-2860, and a return call or meeting can be scheduled to address your questions about support services provided. 




Melanie Fortino

Liberty School District Counseling Department


Link to Parent Talk Information from Crisis Management Institute


Crisis Management Institute

211 Arizona Health and Human Resources


Empact Contact Information


National Child Traumatic Stress Network Resources

Update March 23, 2018

Update regarding allegation at Las Brisas

Dear Las Brisas Parents/Guardians,

This notice is to update you on the allegation at Las Brisas Academy involving a staff member and a student.  As a result of the investigation conducted by the Goodyear Police Department, the teacher has been arrested and she will not return. This incident has been reported to the Arizona State Board of Education so they can make a determination regarding the teacher’s certification.   Additionally, we have school counselors and school psychologists at Las Brisas Academy today to help students and staff members cope with this incident.  The school psychologists and school counselors will also be available for the foreseeable future to continue to attend to our students’ and staff members’ needs..

Dr. Richard Rundhaug
Interim Superintendent

Liberty Elementary School District #25 Statement
March 22, 2018

In the late evening of March 21, 2018, a parent at Las Brisas Academy reported an allegation involving a staff member and a student. We immediately reported the incident to local law enforcement.

The investigation is in its preliminary stages and as more information becomes available, we will update you.

While employee privacy law does not allow us to comment on the employee issues, we have taken the corrective steps to separate the students and staff member and have reported the incident to the Goodyear Police Department for investigation.

The safety of our students is our #1 priority. Transparency is equally important. We are fully cooperating with the Goodyear Police Department and will comment further at the appropriate time.

Dr. Richard Rundhaug
Interim Superintendent
The Liberty School District